Data Mining

Our data mining starts sending data through our data hygiene software. We clean it up and produce a fresh database list to market.  When our services are complete, we typically see a 20-30% increase in your database accuracy, generating huge marketing savings!

Direct Mail

Data Modeling

We then run our dealer and conquest targets through our predictive filtering to identify those who are in the market to act NOW. Yes, "equity" is one of our “predictors”, but we're also aware of certain life events that indicate that target is more likely to act in the near future. Events like a house closing, change in marriage status, a child entering school or a change of jobs.

Social Media

Multichannel Marketing

We use multiple channels to deliver a synchronized series of personalized communications to the people who are ready to buy the vehicles in your inventory.
The right channel, the right message, delivered at the right time.

SMS Text

ROI Reporting

We provide monthly sales and service reports of targeted customers who have purchased or serviced their vehicle during the 90 day campaign.

The reports contain detailed information on total sales and service amounts, gross profits, total matches of new, used and leased vehicles.