Profit Miner Technologies delivers immediate results through data processing and a multi-channel campaign to generate leads. We target customers who are in the market NOW to buy, sell or trade a vehicle. By mining both dealer and conquest data, we engage your previous customers and find your competitors’ defecting customers who are ready to act now!

Profit Miner Technologies then communicates to the customer with a multi-channel campaign that includes direct mail (everyone still checks their mailbox!), advanced text messaging, email and social media marketing.


Data Modeling

Predictive filtering identifies targets who are in the market to buy now.

Data Mining

Our data mining starts by sending your data through our data hygiene software.

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Multichannel Marketing

We offer social media marketing, text messaging, digital and print media.


Profit Miner offers automotive marketing solutions that are guaranteed to deliver 1 to 2 Million in total sales and service during the 90-day campaign. Our multi-channel approach is proven to be effective in driving customers into your dealership and move vehicles off your lot.

We’re results-oriented, which is why we provide reports with guaranteed results each and every month.

It starts with analyzing the data and ends with guaranteed results.

  • Variable Direct Mail with multiple mail drops
  • predictive Targets
  • Sale & Service Customized Email Campaigns
  • Live Call Center
  • Text Messaging
  • Facebook Campaigns

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